Love In The Time of Corona Virus

Dear Ones-

How are you?

I mean in this moment?

I’m currently sitting outside with my pup playing happily in my back yard, my husband is doing a bit of yard work, and daughter is playing with chalk in the driveway.  In this moment we are all doing a-ok and I am feeling mostly centered.

Check back in 45 minutes though, and we may be in a whole new wave of feelings.  







Then back to mostly uncertainty. 

I chose to close my office to in person appointments this week.  As a self employed boss lady… that is a really hard decision.  But the right one.

I am finding myself in this spacious place with time I have not had in maybe years.  And it is a little bit NICE!  And a whole lot of “what the hell do I do with this time?”

The Therapist part of me misses the beautiful connection, touch and time with my clients and friends.

The Entrepreneur in me thinks I should use this time creating my next project.

The Introvert in me thinks a nap sounds pretty good right now. And how about that stack of books that you never read??  They aren’t reading themselves!

The part that loves Input thinks I need to read every news story and listen to every podcast to stay up on EVERYTHING as if my life depends on it

The Perfectionist in me thinks I really should have my house in tip top order. Although to be fair- the CLEANING perfectionist is the weakest of all of my perfectionist parts! 😉

I could continue on with all of my parts and their loud yelling in this spacious place.  But I think you get my drift.  

Can you relate??

With all the parts yelling all the time with time to yell…it is almost, well paralyzing.  Instead of DIVING into any ONE of those things, I am hovering and fretting ABOVE them ALL.

I noticed today that I had not been taking full breaths.  The deep delicious breath that expands all into your belly, and chest, back, and yes- into the pelvic floor that I do so readily everyday.

It strikes me that this disease that affects our respiratory system has us collectively holding our breath.  About our health.  Our families’ health.  Our healthcare workers.  Our economy.  Our jobs.  And toilet paper!

So I am right now taking a moment.  Actually more like 10.  To purposefully breathe.  In for 5.  Out for 5.  

Try it with me.

It actually felt so good I did it a couple of rounds!

And darn it.  You know what?  When I stopped to take breaths, and clear the connection between myself and the divine what appears is the NEXT best step.

So, I’m going to go inside and treat myself with Myofascial Self Care techniques.  To open my breath, and body, and mind to what I need to after that.

I hope to continue communicating with you during this time if it is alright with you.  I may be a bit selfish, but I need your beautiful souls in my life.

I am sending each one of you deep gratitude, a hope for health and well being, peaceful minds, and a whole hearted trust in that things always change in our favor.  Even if it doesn’t feel that way at the time.



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